The cost of doing business is higher than ever before. BC small businesses are facing mounting pressure due to government increasing costs like employer-paid sick days, increasing the PST for heating, rising property taxes, minimum wage, employer health tax and rising inflation.

The effects of COVID-19 are still hitting BC businesses hard. They need tax and cost relief to recover. As of right now:

  • 91% say the BC government is not doing a good job lowering costs for their businesses
  • 85% are finding it difficult to keep up with government costs (such as paid sick days, taxes, premiums, and etc.)
  • 63% report taking on debt, at an average of $226,700 per business
  • Only 47% of businesses are back to making normal sales

Government has increased payroll costs by $161,172 over 4 years!

  2019 2020 2021 2022 4-Year change
$52,000.00 $40,560.00 $28,080.00 $21,840.00 $142,480.00
Sick Days
$— $— $— $12,340.00 $12,340.00
EHT $1,497.60 $1,186.38 $821.34 $638.82 $4,144.14
WorkSafeBC $806.00 $628.68 $435.24 $338.52 $2,208.44
Total $54,303.60 $42,375.06 $29,336.58 $35,157.34 Total 4-year cost increase for an employer with 20 minimum wage employees:


*Based on a business with 20 minimum wage employees

**Nominal values, not adjusted for inflation

***CFIB Calculations, not meant for tax purposes

****Does not include CPP, EI, inflation, property taxes, etc.

*****These costs are profit insenstive - meaning you face these cost increases regardlesss of what your business is bringing in.


Every level of government seems to think small businesses can continue to absorb all the extra costs - mandatory sick days for all employees, minimum wage increases, a very competitive job market, outrageous input cost increases, tax increases (escalator excise taxes), property tax increases, never ending CPP increases, eco fees...and the list goes on.

– BC hospitality business owner

One of our biggest concerns is that all governments are downloading more costs onto small businesses (property taxes, employee medical costs, increased fuel costs, etc.). Currently, municipal property taxes are pricing small businesses out of business.

– BC wholesale business owner

The financial stress has been extreme, and our questionable ability to pay back the added debt incurred due to covid, within a reasonable time period, is adding to this stress.

– BC personal services business owner

The 5 days sick days may be the final tipping point in being able to stay open. I can’t believe and am very upset about this broad stroke implementation with no plan to compensate businesses.

– BC wholesale business owner


Dear Premier Eby

My business is far from a full recovery. You have already increased the costs to my business. I need additional tax and cost relief to survive.Here is what my business needs to recover:

Here is what my business needs to recover:

  • Cancel the 5-day employer-paid sick days. If not, then make significant changes such as pro-rating the 5-days.
  • Cancel the Employer Health Tax to ensure the government is not double taxing businesses on health-related costs.
  • Permanently reduce the provincial portion of the property tax by 25% to further offset costs for businesses.
  • Pause on any changes to union certification until the government consults with business owners.
  • Cancel the 12% PST increase on heating systems.
  • WorkSafeBC to rebate the $3.4 billion in surplus funds and reduce my rates.