Small business owners are carrying an average of $166,000 in debt, all while labour shortages are stunting growth and costs are skyrocketing.

Your voice needs to be heard! Sign our petition to make sure small business is a top priority for the new government!

  • Only 13% of Ontario businesses were confident their priorities will receive attention during the election campaign
  • 79% of Ontario businesses say they are having trouble keeping up with government costs (taxes, premiums, fees, etc.)
  • 89% of Ontario businesses say they are having trouble keeping up with other costs (gas, inputs, insurance, etc.)



The cost of doing business in Ontario has skyrocketed! After two years of rolling pandemic shutdowns and restrictions, the economy is finally open again, but supply chain challenges, inflation, and labour shortages are stalling my recovery.

All I want is to be able to afford to run a profitable business in this province!

To help me offset the increased costs of doing business in Ontario and keep my business competitive, I am calling on your government to:

  • Commit to a "do no harm" approach: no increasing costs, no introducing new ones on small business
  • Don't make me foot the bill for any new, mandatory paid sick days
  • Introduce hiring and training support to help tackle the labour shortage
  • Stop random hikes and take the politics out of the minimum wage
  • Introduce plans to balance the provincial budget and reduce provincial debt
  • Create a "Stay Open" plan, so I'm never forced by government to close my doors or limit in-store customers again due to a pandemic

Doing business in Ontario needs to be more affordable.

Help set me up for success!