Saskatchewan businesses need cost relief

The cost of doing business is higher than ever before. Saskatchewan small businesses are facing mounting pressure due to crippling labour shortages, massive debt load, rising insurance premiums, CPP increases, crushing supply chain shortages, and revenue losses.

The effects of COVID-19 are still hitting the Saskatchewan small business community hard. They need tax and cost relief to recover. As of right now:

  • 80% indicate government increasing costs is a challenge for their business
  • 62% of Saskatchewan small businesses have taken on COVID related debt
  • The average Saskatchewan business has taken on over $95,188 in COVID-19 related debt
  • 76% say fair and equitable taxation should be a priority for the Saskatchewan government


Supply chains still slow, new construction very slow. Government subsidies decreasing, but incoming work not increasing. Very worried about this next fiscal year! Small Business Owner, Construction, Saskatoon, SK

Sales are down, traffic is down, no government program support and costs are rising. Small Business Owner, Retail, Moose Jaw, SK

This is a scary time to own a business. I am feeling very isolated and uncertain about the future. Government support (financial and otherwise) is so essential to make businesses feel valued and connected to a larger community. There is no financial support for most of us, and no real support of any other kind either. Very disappointing to see. Small Business Owner, Professional Services, Watson, SK.

Like many other restaurants, we probably won’t make it to the end of the year. Small Business Owner, Hospitality, Regina, SK.



My business is far from a full recovery. Now is not the time to increase costs or taxes for my business. I need additional tax and cost relief. Here is what my business needs to recover:

  • Do not expand the 6% PST to fitness/recreation fees, or entertainment/event ticket sales
  • Reduce the small business tax rate to 0% rather than increasing it to 2% on July 1, 2023
  • Freeze education property tax mill rates at their new levels
  • Avoid further increasing labour costs like the minimum wage and employer-paid sick days
  • Do not give municipalities taxation powers
  • Make any provincial carbon tax revenue neutral or include a plan to offset costs
  • Avoid any further SaskPower or SaskEnergy rate hikes
  • Continue the province’s red tape reduction efforts